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FemmeXposure®Magazine September, 2016 Issue #52

Galm-Nude Edition - Available September 15, 2016

Cover Model: Mariah Roach


Photography by: AGK Productions, Coastal Expressions, Dan Richards, Roger Talley, Filippo Sano, Brian Doty.











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About The Magazine


FemmeXposure® Magazine is a digital publication inspired and dedicated to showcasing "beauty, sensuality, and unparalleled artistry".  


FXM is primarily focused on featuring the art of nude modeling and photography, but also showcases a blend of  glamour, fashion, fitness, bikini, lingerie, alternative and inked models. Our captivating models are a representation from around the globe of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.





The September 2016 Issue #52 releases September 15, 2016.